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Corporate Identification

Looking Good Is Good Business



Branding herds of cattle, placing distinctive marks on pottery or metalwork -- these are the earliest forms of the use of graphic identity in business, dating back to antiquity.

When industrialization and mass marketing flourished, the logos, trademarks and identifiers we're familiar with today were born. As more and more companies compete to make or provide similar products, the graphic identifier becomes increasingly important.

Today, a graphic identity is a part of any major company's strategic business plan -- and an asset often as valuable as any proprietary technology or real property it carries on the books.

Smaller businesses and the growing ranks of entrepreneurs are well aware of these realities and make sure that their image addressed first. In today's business environment, it really doesn't matter if a company is headquartered out of a spare bedroom -- unless it's public image is a giveaway. A well-designed logo and stationary system puts even the smallest company on par with a Fortune-500 big-leaguer on first impression.

Creating an effective corporate identity system involves more than just a eye-catching logo. Certain questions must be asked and the answers must be reflected in the final product:

  • What are the company's values and approach to the world: Conservative? Progressive?
  • High-Tech?
  • What is the company's history? How has it changed and evolved over the years?
  • What does the company do well -- its products services -- and what does it not do well?
  • What is the meaning of the company's name? Does it reflect the comapny's real identity?
  • How is the company perceived by the world? How accurate are these perceptions?
  • How would the company like to be perceived by the world?
  • Is the existing identity distinctive from other companys in the same field?
  • What makes up the most important "audience" for the company's public image -- customers, potential customers, investors, employees, etc.?

Take a look at your company's graphic identity while asking yourself these questions. Better yet, give us a call and let us help you ask and answer these and other questions... and create a corporate identity program that will last a lifetime.