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Packaging Design

Oce packaging

Providing a consistent, coordinated look across the board is important.

Uncle Nick's clam Sauce
"Pay attention. First ya fry up some garlic...".

Rice Cakes packaging

Here, we created the brand, as well.

Providing a consistent, coordinated look across the board is important.

See some works in progress

Imagine a language so powerful that it could influence behavior every time it was used; so eloquent that it could trigger an impulse, create a mood, intensify a hunger, reassure us about our well-being -- and so evocative that it need never be spoken aloud. So perfect is this language that if used properly it can be understood by anyone, no matter their native tongue.

It is no wonder that merchants have chosen this language for centuries exclusively for selling products -- it is the language of packaging, and its vocabulary is ink and paper, plastic and glass and metal; its parts of speech include shape and size and texture and color.

This is a language we speak fluently -- and with great joy.

Most often, our work in advertising is about the products; when we get to tackle package design, we're working with the source, improving its intrinsic appeal, making it more accessible, more noticeable and increasing its perceived value.

Our ads make people go looking for a product; our package design makes the product easier to be found. Both help the products sell better.

If it's time to teach your packaging to speak a new language -- and to sing, dance and scream "pick ME!", let us help. Just get in touch with us today.

Industrial packaging speaks its own language.

Mean Business Chili Mix
Our house brand. Ask and we might
send you some.